Sunday, September 7, 2014

Ok here goes

Welcome to the Fighting Irish!  Someone, hopefully, will help me organize this page so that it is filled with tips and tricks to make The Fighting Irish the best clan out there.

Until then, I'll leave you with the method of getting 1-2k trophies every tournament.  By orangeruffy, edited by skipperkitty.  No images, I'm afraid.  I haven't yet figured out how to copy from Android to Windows.

If anyone wants to add to this site, comment and I'll post it as another article.

Steps to winning the most gold, oil, and trophies each and every Tournament.

Step 1 - The Looting

As soon as the clan tournament ends, start lowering your rating.  You do this by losing battles.  You will lose medals (aka 'rating points') and also trophies.  But that doesn't matter since you have no trophies and can't go below zero trophies.

So load up on spies and rob enemies all the way down.  You will make a ton of money.  Save up a millionish oil.  You will need it for the ride back up.  Spend the rest on cool weapons. Build build build!

Now you have gotten down to as low as you feel comfortable.  In my opinion, depending upon what level command center you have, it is most effective to get to the following levels.  Decide for yourself though.

Command center

Level 6 - drop to 800
Level 7 - drop to 900
Level 8 - drop to 1200
Level 9 - drop to 1300
Level 10 - drop to 1500

Step 2 - The Grind

This is where you rise back up.  Concentrate on building gunners and riflemen.  Stay away from pyros.  They are massively strong, but simply take too long to build.  Attack, destroy, reload.  You're probably already good at this, but if not, you will be shortly.

Step 3 - The Edge

At some point as you climb in rating, you will find it almost impossible to win consistently.  For larger players, this typically occurs when you get above 2,100 rating.  For newer players, it may be 2,000, 1,900, or some other number ending in 00.

Now you have to play carefully to increase your trophy count.  Search for an opponent that will cost you more medals if you lose than it will give you if you win. One where, say, if you win you receive 9 medals, and if you lose, you lose 30.   Attack that base and lose.  Do this until you drop below 2,100 rating, or whatever rating level you are having trouble with.  You will also lose trophies, but that can't be helped.  You'll get them back when you drop to the level where you can win.

Once you've dropped back, keep searching for the opponent that will give you very few medals if you beat them (maybe give examples or improve wording here [I don't know how to do that, skipperkitty.  They're just going to have to figure it out]).  They will be tough customers so don't expect 100% wins.  You will steadily gain trophies and resources, though not as quickly as during the looting or the grind.